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Reasons to Shop at Fiddleheads

About Fiddleheads and Owner Rhiannon Nachbaur:

Our Owner - Our History - Experience & Advice - Ethics & Honesty - The Instruments - Convenient Online Sales - Avoid Imitations - Eco Policy - Inclusivity Policies

Awards & Recognition:

Business Awards - Music Awards - Leadership Roles

Our Prime Wood Seasoning Environment for Optimal Tone and Stability:

Our violins mature faster and sound superior to same models sold at other sources

Fiddleheads the Trusted, Reputable, Expert Source for Zhu Instruments:

We've had a tremendous impact in taking these formerly unfamiliar violins to the larger market by maximizing their construction and setup better than any other shop

Our World-Class Violin Setup Explained by an Expert:

Setup is what breathes life into an instrument and makes all the difference in playability and enjoyment of learning and making music

Our Brief Endeavour in the Budget Violin Market:

Fiddleheads sells quality instruments and skips the cheap junk

Valuation Letters for Insurance:

Protect your investment with a valuation letter for insurance [purchased at Fiddleheads only]

Instrument Naming Letters for Kids:

We introduce children to the delightful tradition of naming our instruments

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Purchasing Help

Ordering Assistance:

Outfit or Instrument Only - Upgrades and Downgrades - Other Important Items - Online Orders vs. Personalized Invoicing - Related Pages

Instrument Purchasing for Newbies:

A symphony violinist/music teacher/ violin shop owner sheds light on the delicate issue of purchasing a violin or other stringed instrument

In-Home Trials: 14+ Days with Free Symphony Violinist Guidance:

Here you can run it through your own auditioning process and hear what it sounds like in your home, at church and at school.

Match-Making: My Experience as the Violin Cupid:

Rhiannon has assisted countless violinists and violists of all skill levels since the early 2000s

How Does Rhiannon Match the Right Violin to the Customer Every Time?:

It’s about skill, experience and working with the best possible instruments for each budget point.

Safe Packaging & Shipping:

Methods - Delivery Standards & Delays - Rates - Insurance - Rates - Return Shipping - Our Reliable Packaging - Violins Arrive Ready to Play

Customer Testimonials:

Over 1200 testimonials sortable by player age and experience level, product and their benefits, and keywords

Product Spotlight & Announcements:

Site and product news from Fiddleheads

Our Proximity to Surrounding Cities:

Distances from your location to our studio in Kamloops, BC


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By using this site you are agreeing to our policies

Fiddleheads' Mission Statements:

Shop Mission Statement - In Operating the Violin Shop We Strive To - School Mission Statement - My Goals as Your Violin Teacher

Inclusivity & Benevolence Policies:

Acknowledgement of Secwepemc Land - Equal Treatment from a Woman-Run Business - Respecting Our Generous Goodwill and Expertise - Courteous Behaviour

Fiddleheads' Green Eco Policy:

Green Packaging - Home-Based Efficiencies - Vehicle & Travel - Recycling Violins - Paper-Free - Eco Education - Savings

Pricing, Currency & Financial Policies:

Currencies - Tax, Brokerage & Import Duty - Payment Methods - Financing/Payment Plans - Pricing Errors

Promotions, Price Matching, Trade-Ins and Consignments:

Sales & Discounts - Price-Matching - Trades & Upgrades - Consignment Sales

Refund Policy:

We're Here to Help - Other Refunds - Credits - Shipping Returns - Rare Exceptions

Fiddleheads Lessons Fees & Policies:

Fees by Duration & Frequency - Billing - Attendance & Cancellations

Privacy Policy:

Information Collection - Use - Disclosure - Service Providers & Outside Links - Children - Changes


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Helpful Tools & Services

Violin and Viola Sizing & Instrument Sizes Charts:

*OUR MOST POPULAR PAGE* - Chart - Instructions - Oversized Options - Violin & Bow Measurements

Violin Charts:

Rhiannon created these to better explain fingerings, keys, and basic violin theory to be printed for your convenient daily reference

Rhiannon's Glossary of Violin Terms:

*NEW* - Years of teaching violin and running a successful violin shop result in an expansive knowledge I'm happy to share in this epic glossary

Breaking New Ground by Breaking-In a New Violin:

Enjoy the beauty of a new violin beyond just good looks -- Season the instrument with play and you will hear the tone open up and mature with each note

Rhiannon's Colleagues Offering Online Lessons:

Rhiannon provides this list of her symphony and orchestra colleagues who teach violin and viola lessons as a service to her customers seeking lessons

General Violin Advice:

Articles exploring the fascinating realm of the violin, how it's made and how it's played

Q&A: Ask Rhiannon:

Your many technique questions answered by an expert

Make a Cardboard Violin for Toddlers! Free Template:

A fun and free alternative to buying a violin for your little one before they are old enough for lessons

PDF Library:

For our customers' convenience Fiddleheads posts all our PDFs on this page, including Product Materials/Safety Data Sheets, Instructions, Charts and more


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Articles & Writings

Fun Facts & Music Musings:

Composers, History and Interesting General Music Information

Press Releases & Media:

Fiddleheads in the media with exciting news and press releases regarding awards, important developments and more

Published Reviews & Interviews:

Rhiannon has interviewed famous violinists and written a music column for newspapers/magazines

Rhiannon's Projects & Personal Life:

Sharing happy family, career and creative news to her friends in music

Rhiannon's Concerts & Performances:

Rhiannon is an active performing symphony, orchestral and solo musician

Fiddlehead Fern Recipes:

The furled fronds or shoots of young fiddlehead ferns are edible and very tasty, much like asparagus

The Fiddleheads Gazette - Our School Newsletter Archive:

Former Violin Newsletter & Magazine for our students and the broad music community