Instrument Naming Letters for Kids

little redheaded girl in a blue fairy costume playing violin

Last minute purchases don't always arrive in time

We've been selling violins for decades and have seen it all. Busy parents scrambling to receive the perfect gift in time for Christmas. Anxious grandparents rushing to get a birthday present to their little darling before a weekend birthday party. Teachers ordering a violin for a last minute school enrolment.

Unfortunately, some orders are placed too late to arrive in time and we can't all afford overnight shipping.

Our solution to this predicament since 2003 is Fiddleheads Unique Naming Letters.

This tradition has made countless kids ecstatic and avoided many broken hearts. Not only do the budding little violinists know what's on the way, but they are also introduced to the delightful tradition of giving our instruments names. Because, after all, our violins are our babies!

Fiddleheads customers are encouraged to kindly complete the contact form along with the name of the child and the instrument you purchased. Rhiannon will personally assign your child's new violin a unique name, then email you a special naming letter in PDF format written to the child and explaining that their violin, named _____, is on the way. You are then free to print if off or email it to the recipient yourself.

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