Great package deal from an eco-friendly business

I am an adult-beginner and I am impressed by your website and what you have to offer. I am also concerned about where things are made, sustainable practices and eco friendly practices.

[UPDATE] I received my violin today. I am extremely pleased with the violin and the package of books I ordered.

Thank you for enabling this experience. Your help was very much appreciated.

July 17, 2014

Great Canadian, hassle free, service

My order (shoulder rest) arrived today, so quickly, without unnecessary and expensive bulky packaging, in great shape, and ready to use, which I have very happily done.

Great Canadian service.

Hassle Free.

Love it all! So appreciated.

March 11, 2014

Ethical Environmentalist

You have a wonderful shop, and I'll definitely be spreading the word.

I found your website googling sustainable fiddle supplies, and I so much appreciate your commitment to ethical environmental practices and your work to help underprivileged kids have access to music.

Thanks so much again for all your help!

November 25, 2012

Great site and eco policy

Love your web site and attention to carbon footprint!

January 25, 2012

Eco-friendly operation

I am a 56 year old organic farmer, living in Montana.

I appreciate your eco-friendly operation.

November 23, 2010

Love the eco policies

Love this site. Found it while searching for an 1/8 violin for my student. I am very green! ;-) Love your eco policies.

My grandparents were Canadian. John Livingston, the naturalist/photographer, was my great uncle. ;-)

October 27, 2010

Fiddleheads gave a free green violin to a family festival promoting eco efforts

From the Green Festival here in NEW BRUNSWICK, Canada: Part of the festival is the FIDDLER's FRENZY on the Sunday 22nd August 2010. Lots of information on-line.

We wanted to present a violin to the winner and Fiddleheads sponsored the eco-friendly event.

In the video you can hear the winner, Adam LeBlanc, playing the Green Violin which he won and Fiddleheads donated.

He performed very well for the crowd. We think he has real talent and is young enough to take this violin a few places.

He also gave the crowd a song while he danced throughout while playing. Real nice kid and he has recently started doing the competition tour so we think he will get Fiddleheads some visibility with the inscription in the violin.

He has never owned an electric violin before so he was very excited. He also has a band, so one way or another we think we had a worthy winner that fully met Fiddleheads' requirements.

We hope we can look at doing something together again next year as Ivan Hicks is looking at helping out as we grow this small section of the festival. It could become the hallmark of the festival having a green violin to give away as top open prize.


August 20, 2010

My Favourite Shop Ever: Fiddleheads Offers Client Attention I Hadn't Known to this Day

Never in my life I had I taken the trouble to write a review for anything. This is my favourite shop (not only in regards of MUSIC, I must clarify) ever, but since that's just me, I'll get some objetivity to spice this up.

From the executive on fanciest Music Palaces down to the garage-store with the half-stoned frat-boy selling you a 16-inch Viola labeled "3/4 Violin" with strings that came over to America in the Titanic, there's but one thing on their (understandably) capitalized mind: sell.

Whatever obscure, underlying process has undergone in their heads, their evaluation of client service goes down to a binary qualification: either "sold" or "not sold."

I first contacted Rhiannon Nachbaur in regards of the label on one of my beloved instruments (as to find some heading in regards its origin), and was simply dazzled by the amount of detail and liveliness with which she replied to me.

Please note that I had or expressed NO intention to do business at that time, and still she took considerable effort in writing back to me.

Ms Nachbaur here offers client attention I hadn't known to this day - not even a physician will put as much time and attention in trying to address your problems and needs: she attends NOT only the sale, but the client AND the sale.

By requesting information, for instance, regarding a custom instrument at other major online stores, the most I could get was a copy/paste of some information on their site I had already seen and which I had referred to in my e-mail to them!

What I observe is that it's not a business what Ms Nachbaur is running, but a way she's found and chosen to share her passion for music. More over, I feel she strives to maximise this same experience for other passionate musicians - as well as to orient them if they need to.

She details in exhaustively all the options available for her customers, as I have learned from further inquiry about some articles: I am still impressed.

She puts as much of herself into the shop as she can. Why the (pardon my language) hell would anyone take the trouble make an eco-friendly music shop if not to reflect the views and ideals of their own soul?!

The website, as well, is nicely elaborated, and offers information like instrument sizing criteria which is very comprehensive, useful, and helps knowing exactly what you want to ask for. The expression "I want a violin" usually requires a bit more detail to become fully accomplished!

Rhiannon also provides the credentials of the makers and workshops selling instruments, which I is not a common practise in my experience. Her articles are astonishingly thrilling too.

In short: If I am to spend a couple grand on a fine instrument, theres NO other place on God's Green Earth where I would do it.

I hereby extend further gratitude to Ms Nachbaur and her beautiful shop.

November 4, 2009

Ms. Rhiannon is the greatest!!

I assure to all of people, especially to the music world, Fiddleheads is the Best!

I was so very very astonished by Ms. Rhiannon's customer service.

She is also a great performer and a lover of our environment.

I love her tone for being honest with me. Always. I was so thankful to her for being there for me as a customer when I bought my violin. She's the Greatest!

Her shop is the best and I recommend even more then 100% to this world! I'm telling all you people!!!! I love you Fiddleheads, so so much!!

January 10, 2008

Businessowner that actually gives a sh*t

I nominated your business for the green award. I did so NOT because you're nice, but because you are truly one of the very few business people who gives a shit.

[Two months later Fiddleheads won the Green Award at the Business Excellence Awards]

August 22, 2007

Respectful eco policy

Your web site is so impressive.

I do respect your eco policy to run the business. Concern about our earth is an important issue for current generation.

Also it was nice talking to you, you are really a sweet person.

April 26, 2007