Rhiannon's Teaching

Amazing help with a first violin

[REVIEW: Facebook, 5 stars] Fiddleheads was amazing to help my daughter pick out her first violin!

She can’t wait for more lessons with you.

July 27, 2019

Talented, patient and caring teacher

[REVIEW: Facebook, 5 stars] Rhiannon was my violin teacher when she was living in San Diego. She is a wonderful teacher, so talented and very patient!

She really loves to share her talent with anyone willing to learn.

When she eventually moved (to Canada for music school) I lost the best teacher I had studied with. I had a difficult time finding someone with her knowledge and natural talent for teaching.

I was thrilled for her when she started her own business and knew she would make a success of it.

Even though I’ve only made some small purchases from her, she is always friendly and genuinely cares about helping her customers no matter how big or small their needs.

May 17, 2019

Amazing teacher and shop owner

[REVIEW: Facebook, 5 stars] Thank you so much for your inspiration and knowledge as you taught our daughter to play and create wonderful music.

You also enabled us to confidently buy the right quality and well priced violin.

Highly recommend.

May 31, 2018

Consistent quality and expertise

[REVIEW: Google, 5 stars] I find Rhiannon to be trustworthy and helpful.

Whether you are taking private lessons with her or purchasing a fine instrument online, I am confident she will always deliver consistent quality and expertise.

May 28, 2018

Unparalleled passion and knowledge with Rhiannon

[REVIEW: Facebook, 5 stars] Rhiannon possesses a passion and knowledge for music and violins that is unparalleled.

She is also a genuinely lovely person who is a pleasure to deal with. I recommend her above all others!

May 15, 2018

Great teacher and violin lady

[REVIEW: Facebook, 5 stars] Awesome instruments and awesome lessons!

Rhiannon definitely makes learning the violin a fun and great time!

May 15, 2018

My favourite part of my childhood was violin lesson day with Rhiannon

[REVIEW: Facebook, 5 stars] I started with Rhiannon back in salmon arm, and did about 7 years of lessons with her, and they were some of the best years of my life! She is an amazing coach and I was honoured to be one of her students.

She makes learning a fun, positive experience for every student that she teaches. My favourite part of my childhood was violin lesson day with Rhiannon.

I miss learning with you so much and our pleyel duets that we used to play together! Rhiannon also helped me restore my great grandfather's violin that was passed down to me, and used her knowledge to guide us in the right direction to getting it repaired, I still have it and it's now something we will have in our family forever.

I can't say enough good things about fiddleheads violin studio, we miss you in salmon Arm!

May 15, 2018

Fiddleheads is like family

Fiddleheads isn’t just a business, it’s a family.

I’m so lucky to have been a part of it and to be taught and mentored by such and amazing violinist.

May 14, 2018

Wonderful teacher in my childhood

[REVIEW: Facebook, 5 stars] Rhiannon started me off as a young violinist at the age of seven, I am now eighteen and have played since.

She awoke the passion inside of me and I have loved the violin ever since.

She always helped me be my best self and let me explore any music I wanted and even helped me write some of my own.

I am forever grateful for her teachings and expertise that started me off on an amazing journey.

She is truly a genuine and caring person, I will never forget my days spent with her.

May 14, 2018

I trust Rhiannon for all my violin needs

[REVIEW: Facebook, 5 stars] As a former student of Rhiannon's, there is no doubt concerning how passionate she is about her students, her teaching, and her products as well! My family bought all our current violins, bow, and cases/carriers through Rhiannon and we love the quality of the products!

She has amazing recommendations and always went an extra mile to ensure the satisfaction of her students and customers. Along with running a high-quality self-run company, she is also an awesome teacher.

May 13, 2018

A personally-selected violin I will never outgrow

The fiddle arrived in perfect condition. It's really beautiful, and the jujube fittings complement it perfectly (darker than they appear on your website, and very nice). And I even like the antiquing, too.

It sounds really good now, I can tell that the sound will be even better after it's been played in for a while. It will be nice to have an instrument that I don't have to worry about upgrading in the future, as I'm sure I'll never be better than what it can give me.

Anyway, the sound continues to be very nice, and I can't wait until I get out of school and can begin playing more. As you did in your testing, I particularly like the sound of the G and D strings – very dark/full sound. I'm sure that with time and regular playing, it will sound even better and I love the fact that I will most likely not have to buy another instrument, as this one will be all that I'll ever need.

Thanks again for all your help/coaching/free lesson, Rhiannon. I appreciate the fact that you've spent so much time working with me - may I also add that based on my experience/background working in the mental health field (NP focus is Psychiatric and Mental Health) and I believe you could also find a rewarding job as a therapist/counselor to add to your repertoire (insert smiley here).

I'm not sure how much you charge, but I'll have to send you a fee.

December 5, 2012

Many good years of lessons

Thanks so much for all the years you have put into Krista's violin skills up to her graduation.

She always loved her lessons with you.

She got out her new violin the other day and played a few songs and it sounded so nice. Thank you for that.

September 1, 2012

David's years of lessons

After ten years of weekly fiddle lessons, David has decided to attend a few more fiddle camps each year and jam with the Old Time Fiddlers.

Thank you for the years you spent teaching him. He enjoyed the lessons and we have seen his music abilities/confidence grow with your guidance. David is dedicated to his music and wants to persue his career in sound engineering (once travelling with a band and making it big is over...ha ,ha).

Either way, music is just beginning for him and thanks for adding to his base of knowledge and sharing your love of the violin with him.

June 17, 2011

My son is so lucky to study with Rhiannon

I think Dominik is very lucky to have you!

I'm sure he wouldn't click with just any teacher because of the way he is and he really lucked out with you.

I suppose you have some experience with Autism and giftedness, but you are also a very intuitive and creative person - and a fun one, too!

I feel like thanking you from the bottom of my heart every time I see you!

January 31, 2011

Most patient and joyful seller

I'm from Japan and a total beginner in violin. Rhiannon gave a quick reply and lots of information & advice. I already visited the website before I emailed her.

Violins that interested me were the same as her top two recommendations! I visited Rhiannon in person. It was a Saturday but Rhiannon spent half the day with me!

Sometimes I have hard time communicating in English because of my strong accent but Rhiannon was patient with my English and her explanations were so clear and easy to understand. I can tell she is an excellent instructor as well.

She played 6 violins in my price range, not going above what I wished to pay, and explained very well about violins, bows, information on the maker, how to hold and use the bow, etc. To me, it was like she gave me a free lesson.

I bought a 903 violin and a carbon bow. Since I'm a beginner she offered to put fine tuners on every string for free, even though strings were already set onto the violin, but she did this gladly. She also showed me how to tune the violin and how to use an electronic tuner.

Definitely, Rhiannon has an outstanding customer service. I think Fiddleheads is more than her business, Rhiannon just purely loves violins and wants to spread her joy of violins. Rhiannon, thank you very much again for everything.

January 24, 2010

Relating to students requires a talent Rhianon exhibits

[Photo] The cover photo of the Lakeshore News, December 22, 2006, features Fiddleheads teacher Rhiannon and student Rachel Bates at their Christmas Recital.

The caption reads, "Telling a story through music: At Fiddleheads Violin School's Christmas recital, Rhiannon [Nachbaur], left, encourages youngest student Rachel Bates to tell her "story" by playing her tiny violin to express different sounds. It was one of the highlights of the evening, as the tiny musician awed the audience with her presence and ability."

Clad in a stunning long red dress complete with funky black boots, Rhiannon hosted the [Fiddleheads Violin Studio Christmas Recital] while entertaining the audience with her wonderful musicianship...

Teaching young children can be a challenge. To relate to them on their level requires a talent that Rhiannon exhibits.

Encouraging youngest student Rachel Bates to tell her “story” by playing her tiny violin to express different sounds was one of the highlights of the evening. The tiny musician awed the audience with her presence and ability...

December 20, 2006

Rhiannon was one of the best students I ever had

[Photo: Rhiannon and her teacher, far right, with the Helix High School Orchestra, Fall 1994]

Rhiannon was a student I taught as Orchestra Director 1991-1995. Even years later I am happy to write this as Rhiannon is among the best students I have ever had.

Rhiannon was the concertmistress of the Helix Orchestra for three years, and developed into a very fine player in the years she was here. I am sure with her talent she is a very fine player by now.

Not only a stand-out player, she took over many leadership duties during her stay here.

She organized and conducted a chamber orchestra on her own (which earned a superior rating at the SCSBOA festival)wrote several arrangements that we still use today, and did all these things without prodding from me.

She also played in the Grossmont College Symphony Orchestra starting at age 16 as their youngest member at the time.

January 4, 2005

Rhiannon puts in more time, energy and dedication to her business than anyone

I am most impressed with the effort Rhiannon puts into her work, both with the individual children involved and then in the various musical groups involving the various children with their parents.

In working with musical teachers and groups in other cities, I know of no one else that puts in this amount of time, energy and dedication.

As a community I believe Salmon Arm is very fortunate in having your children, young people so involved in community musical performances for the various social and adult group activities.

I strongly believe this involvement for the children and youth not only keeps them off the streets and out of trouble, but teaches them about sharing their abilities and talents with the community at large. This is something money cannot buy.

As a community, your are very fortunate in having the "Fiddleheads Violin School" together with the associated Shuswap Violin Society founded by Rhiannon for the betterment of Salmon Arm.

April 3, 2004

With Rhiannon my daughter has excelled far beyond my expectations

My daughter has had lessons at the Fiddleheads Violin School for the past three years.

I am extremely impressed with the quality of dedication that Rhiannon puts into her school. She has provided us with a continuous positive attitude and a wonderful incentive program for her students. She puts in a real personal approach to private lessons as well as group instruction and offers new material on a regular basis.

I'm also quite impressed with all the extras she seems to find time for,
such as newsletters, e-mails, and inspires her students to take part in community events and performances.

Our family is in awe of her 100% dedication to her students and the community. She has organized many events in the Shuswap area such as the Fiddlesticks orchestra, the Fiddleheads Violin Ensemble, and has established the Shuswap Violin Society that support workshops, scholarships and instrument bank projects, and her creation, the Strings Alive Music Festival.

Her enthusiasm to push her students to their greatest potential is a gift in itself. We as parents understand how our children will perform for others at a higher level than they will for us at home.

She and some of her students played at the Discovery Day Celebration on top of many park concerts, numerous community events, and even busking in the streets for the tourists’ enjoyment.

Her enthusiasm to get her students involved in playing throughout the community is a blessing to us all. Rhiannon's efforts and commitments are a major asset to our community and I believe she deserves serious consideration for awards.

I know that, thanks to Rhiannon, my daughter has excelled in her music abilities far beyond any of my expectations. Thanks for all you've done for us, Rhiannon.

March 19, 2004

My kids want to practice and love their lessons

[Photo] Mary won First Place in a Fiddle Competition

I am thankful to have the opportunity to express my opinion of Rhiannon Nachbaur of Fiddleheads Violin School and would like to say that we have been more than appreciative of her efforts with our 2 children.

We have in the past few years lived in Alberta, in 2 cities both of which our children were actice in music, prior to that they had lessons here in Salmon Arm. So I feel we've had lots of exposure to different teachers & organizations, with whom we were satisfied with.

But since moving back to Salmon Arm our 2 children ages 9&10 have done excellent in their music studies. Most parents will be able to relate to “have you practiced your music yet today?” I say that because that is what it was like before we discovered Rhiannon.

Now we no longer have to get after our children about their music, it has become a fun thing for them to do and love playing, and not just once per day, but sometimes a few times throughout a day.

I thank Rhiannon for this change in attitude in our children towards music, she has been an inspiration and they look forward to the day that they can share their talents with others the way Rhiannon has and does, both in the community and one-on-one.

What an important role model Rhiannon is to the youth in our community, she will contribute a great deal in helping to build self-confident individuals and is a wonderful role-model.

Thank you, Rhiannon, for all your hard work, you should be commended for your efforts!

March 13, 2004